Review Policy


The reviews posted by myself and/or our readers/reviewers are solely the opinion of the individual.

Myself and other reviewers always endeavor to be honest and give the best feedback we think possible for how we enjoyed or connected with the book and its story line and characters. We attempt to critique the story line, the enjoyment to ourselves and our general thoughts on the experience it brought us.

There will be times where the reviews may be below three stars. Each individual will rate differently on how they relate to the book. At no time will and author be degraded.

The reviews are based on the honest opinion of the reviewers experience with the story, plot and characters and how they related to the whole story.

Reviews are accepted from authors (traditional or indie), publishers and publicists in line with the genre of Novels In Heels Book Blog. Currently it is predominant Romance.Currently accepting books from Young Adult to Erotica and any sub categories in between. Accepting reviews will depend on time constraints and schedules.

At a minimum, our reviews are posted on one or all of the following - Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Goodreads.

If you would like to request a review, please make an inquiry via our blog on  Emails are reviewed on a daily basis and it is endeavored to reply to all requests at the earliest convenience.

At this point in time, this blog is solely run by myself, Trish. It is a hobby, not a business. I am an extremely busy working mother of two, but my love for reading and HEA’s encouraged me to start Novels In Heels.

I love to share what I love to read. These books are awesome. Reading is a gateway to an open imagination.

Review Ratings

5 Sexy Stilettos Stars

Outstanding Read. Loved everything about the book. It is highly recommended by NIH and a MUST READ.

4 Sexy Stilettos Stars
Loved it. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Highly recommend it.

3 Sexy Stilettos Stars
Liked it. Good read. There may have been a few things that just didn’t work for the individual as the reader. For example, if we could not connect to the characters or enjoy the story line.

2 Struggling Stilettos Stars
Was just okay. Struggled to finish.

1 'Sorry, Just Can't Wear Those Stilettos' Star
DNF – would not recommend it.