Wednesday, 10 December 2014

RELEASE DAY BLITZ - Smoke & Mirrors by Margaret McHeyzer

  SMOKE .99 

Words can trick us. Smoke obscures objects on the edge of our vision. A mirror may reflect, but the eye sees what it wants. A delicate scent can evoke another time and place, a memory from the past. And a sentence can deceive you, even as you read it.

 It took her four months to let me kiss her. And every night I’d go home and jerk off to the thought of her. In those four months though, her skin cleared and she did some shit to her hair to make it less like a fuzzball. “Your hair’s not so fucked up any more.” I caught myself too late saying something that I shouldn’t have. “Pardon?” she asked as she whipped her head around to glare at me. Man, she was fuckin’ cute when she was pissed off. But I knew I had to try harder if I wanted to keep her. I even stopped getting pussy from other girls, because Nadine was who I wanted. And not for a week or month, but a lifetime. “I meant, your hair looks nice like that,” I said. She let out a snort and shook her head. “Thanks,” she said as she put her hand over mine and linked our fingers together. “Nadine, I really wanna kiss you,” I blurted out. Her eyes looked into mine. As we sat in her old, shitty, beat-up car at the drive-in, she leaned over and kissed me. That was the end of me. Her softness was all around me, and I needed to be as close to her as possible. There was something about her, her innocence, her gentle, shy nature, and her pure heart fuckin’ took me and twisted everything inside.


(by Trish)


Wow, what an absorbing array of stories.  Not to give too much away I will say ….

Each one of these stories pulled me in and left me hanging for more.  YES, Margaret, I need MORE please.

I loved every moment in these stories.  The emotional, mysterious, suspenseful, intense and thought provoking snippets of each of them had me craving more …. so, so much more ….

Each story is so very different from the next.  They each have their own gripping plot line and really left me with so many different emotions …. Tears, goose bumps, hurt, love, anger and at times gasping out loud as the realization of who they were and what they were going through.  

Margaret McHeyzer, you truly have a way with words.  You inspire me to read more.  You are truly a talented writer and I thank you for being so brave in giving us these wonderful stories that are not always the norm or typical.

I’m really hoping you will bring us more of these Smoke & Mirror snippets and that some may even have their own full novel.

Love your work.




 I don't do 'normal'. I've found that the more I write, the more I like being different to other authors. I write in first person, and I love to challenge a reader. I take the normal and switch it around. For me, I really enjoy getting a reaction from a reader. So if I can evoke an emotion (regardless of if it's the emotion the reader wants) then I figure that I've done my job as an author I want to be. I really quite revel in taking people out of their comfort zones and pushing them to read something different. My genre of writing is, well quite frankly, where ever my mind goes. I won't label myself because I don't like sticking to one genre. My goal with writing is just to take people away from whatever is going on in their lives, even if it's only for a split second. I'm a go with the flow sort of person and don't really take a course of action to get where I am going. I live in the moment and don't usually worry about tomorrow because whatever life is due to bring me, I'll be happy to accept. I love my family and friends and will help anyway I can if someone needs it. I really don't like people that are nasty just because they can be, I don't believe that's necessary, I mean life's hard enough as it is! I hope you enjoy my books, I've had a hoot writing them. There's more to come..... Til next time. M xx


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