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BOOK PROMO & REVIEW - The Problem with Crazy and Eleven Weeks by Lauren K McKellar

TitleThe Problem with Crazy (Crazy in Love #1)
Author:   Lauren K McKellar
Genre:  New Adult/Young Adult
Publication date13 February 2014
Series:  Crazy in Love
Purchase Link:  Amazon US

(by Trish)


My heart hurts….

I'm so lost for words right now.... I finished the Problem with Crazy a few days ago and was a sobbing mess.... I wasn't expecting the turn of events and it really left me heartbroken. 

I'm having trouble putting my thoughts into a review.  I really loved the story but just can't get over what happened towards the end, it had my crying big fat tears.  I really didn’t see it coming.  But I will say – make sure you have a box of tissues close.  You will need them.

This is a heart wrenching story of one young woman’s (Kate) struggle with “what next” when her carefully planned out future comes crumbling in on her.  Everything she knew is now not the way it seems.  Her family, friends, boyfriend, health and career goals change almost in the blink of an eye.  She’s confused, scared and feels lost and alone in so many ways.

How will she survive?  What does the unknown all mean?  What does her future hold for her now?

You really need to experience this story for yourself.  It will have you feeling a whole lot of emotions.  I laughed and it made me cry.  But it left me shattered and a total mess - mostly as the turn of ending was one I did not foresee and hurt so damn much.

But it will leave you also feeling that life happens, life goes on, make the most of it.  It really is an incredible journey of a young woman’s self-discovery.

I highly recommend reading The Problem with Crazy.  The story will immerse you into Kate’s world.  

It is wonderfully told and beautifully written.

Thank you Lauren McKellar for an impressively heartbreaking and meaningful story.


Title:  Eleven Weeks (Crazy in Love #2)
Author:   Lauren K McKellar
Genre:  New Adult/Young Adult
Publication date:  27 January 2015
Series:  Crazy in Love
Purchase Link:  Amazon US

(by Trish)


Stacey and Michael’s story.  What a journey that is.

This story is about finding it within yourself to truly believe you are Good Enough – for whatever it is you want to do.

Stacey is Kate’s best friend and in her story, we see the parallel of where she was at the same time as in Kate’s story.  I loved reading it and understanding where Stacey was at, and what she was feeling at the same time as Kate and placing it with the Problem with Crazy.

She doesn’t want to burden her friend with her own problems.  She really is selfless when it comes to her friend Kate.  Almost to the point of her total breakdown.

The Eleven Weeks of her tumultuous life.  Her decisions, her tragedy, her disappointment, her elation, her beliefs, her love.

Stacey is one confused and mixed up young woman.  She is impulsive and very good at pretending to be someone she is not – or someone who others believe her to be.  She is constantly pushing the good things away and pretending they don’t matter when they do.

Coming from a large family with over achieving siblings who look down on her and not encourage her to do much with her life.  This enabled Stacey’s low self-esteem to the point where she felt she couldn’t trust in her family and their support.

Stacey’s journey is rocky.  She has a secret, she doesn’t remember much about how it happened. It’s this suspense that keeps you turning the pages to find out what’s going to happen.  Eleven weeks full of drama, misfortune, self-discovery and love.

But I loved her determination to see her decisions through.  Her mistakes were hers, she worked with what she had.

And Michael.  He was all together beautiful.  Always there for Stacey at the right times and always so forgiving.  He was caring and affectionate and always BELIEVED IN HER.  Always encouraging her to believe in herself.  He never once thought she was the person she pretended to be.

This confused Stacey and she would always push him away, getting the signals wrong most of the time and thinking she wasn’t good enough for him.  

I loved the way this book worked – I loved that Stacey had more depth to her than I expected.  So many issues, so many secrets, so many things she was unsure of in herself. 

I adored the way Stacey finally realizes that she is good enough.  That Michael is her rock.  The ending made me smile, made me cry.  I was cheering for Stacey all the way.

Lauren’s truly has a way with words and a way with giving you all the feels you need in a good story.  Her writing style is smooth, witty and funny.  It’s easy to read and flows beautifully.

I’m so looking forward to book 3 to see where this series goes to from here.

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