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REVIEWS - Rogue & Ripped by Katy Evans


(by Trish)


OMG Greyson King has given Remy a run for his money.  Hot, sexy, protective and fierce.
I started this book hoping it would not let me down.  And by God, it did not let me down.  I had a high expectation that this would be equally as good as the first 3 books.  Katy Evans’ did not disappoint me.  I love her work.  I love the way she writes and I love the way she tells a story.  I’m there, in the moment with every single character.

Melanie is a hopeless romantic just waiting for her knight in shining armor.  She wants what her BFF has.  A man who adores her.  Who only has eyes for her.  

She is a loyal best friend and always positive on the outside.  But deep down she feels like a fake and undeserving of the life she was given because she keeps failing at finding a good man.  

 “I get up every morning and put on my perfect face and promise myself to have the perfect day and to someday have the perfect family. But I’m failing.”

She’s always the life of the party and she hides her emotions and feelings from her friends.  

Melanie is sick of kissing “frogs”.  Always giving guys one chance because she was given a chance.

Greyson, Oh God Greyson – he is so dark, corrupt, direct, fierce and ruthless.  He hasn’t been given a great set of cards in life, but he deals with it as best he can.  He’s tough and hard and not looking for love, until he connects with her – Melanie.  Can Melanie change him?  Will Greyson allow himself to be loved?

He has been watching Melanie for a while, they run in similar circles and his attention towards her is for a different reason….and that changes the minute they connect.

So what is in store for these two people from different places.  An Underworld King and your sexy, sassy mouthed girl next door?

Secrets, lies and a whole lot of drama filled passion between these two will have you leaning over the edge of your seat wanting more for the both of them.

 He’s a ten. I’ve never, ever been with a ten. And the way that he looks at me... I’ve seen that look before. The look that Remington Tate gives Brooke. That look. He’s giving it to me and I’m dying inside. Can I die from one look? And if one look can kill me, then what would one touch do?

Their chemistry is sizzling and off the charts.  The tension and level of emotions they share are extraordinary.  And the sex scenes are thigh clenching, yes that’s right, panty melting thigh clenching…The passion they have for each other is so sexy and sensual that it’s leaping off the pages.
He will do anything to protect her.  He wants her like nothing before.  Her name is on his list?

Melanie makes him feel again.  Things he hasn’t felt since he was a boy.  He also has doubts that he is not good enough for her or her love, but he can’t stay away from her.  She brings out his protective and loving side like no one has done before.

 “She makes me feel like I’m not a robot, like I’m flesh and blood, a man, not a number, not a job . . . not a monster, not a bastard, not a zero.”

I fanatically devoured this hot, sexy read from cover to cover – each word, each line.  It was full of raw, rich, powerful, intense and passionate emotions and packed with a drama filled plot.  I just couldn’t put it down.  I felt everything for these two characters. 

Will Melanie find the one?  Is that the LOOK of love?

 “He is the one. The one who’s going to wreck me. Hurt me. Demolish me. The one who is going to remove every inch of the girl in me. He will be the memory I will never forget, and good or bad, he will be THE one I dream of.”

Will Greyson allow himself to be loved?  Can he be the man Melanie needs?

 “F*ck her prince charming. She’s getting me.”
 “You are so f*cking mine you don’t even know how mine you are.”

Thank you Katy Evans for bringing us Greyson and Melanie story.  So sexy, hot and deeply emotional that the rollercoaster was worth the ride.



(by Trish)


Katy Evans, you are the master of angsty, love/hate relationships.

I loved meeting Makenna and Pandora in this story.

Makenna Jones is definitely one hot, sexy Rockstar with everything going for him – except true love.  Will the girl he once loved 6 years ago be his undoing?

How determined is he to win her back?  Will she crumble under his touch?

Pandora is one hell of a closed and torn up box.  She is so bitter and angry that she can be a real nasty bitch a lot of the time.  I felt for her and her past.  What she was lead to believe and how it shaped her life.  What unravels throughout this story made me want to hug her.  She really needs some happy in her life.

 “I choose hate. It makes me feel good. Protected and safe. Hating him is all that keeps me sane. Hating him means what he did to me doesn’t matter. I can feel something.”

What happened all those years ago to these two to make them who they are today?

I loved watching these two come together.  Their banter was racy and juicy.  Their story was angsty, feisty, and fun with lots of drama, secrets and emotions thrown in the mix. 

 “I want to hit him while I kiss him, curse him while I kiss him, push him the hell away from    me while I kiss him.
 I want to . . .
I just WANT.”

Will they get their a second chance at love?  Will they discover that they are meant for each other?

This was a fast, easy read filled with lots of hot sex, angst, drama and more.  A love story about lust, passion, second chances, forgiveness and trust.

Although, I must say I needed a little more from the ending.  It just left me with a GAHHHHHH….I’m hoping we get to see more of Makenna and Pandora in the future.

Katy Evans – you never disappoint me with your brilliant writing style, story plot and hot, steamy sex scenes.

Loved it.

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