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BOOK PROMO & REVIEW - The Two of Us by Andy Jones

Title:  The Two of Us
Author:  Andy Jones
Genre:  New Adult Romance / Contemporary Romance / ChickLit
Publication date:  12 February 2015

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(by Trish)


The Two of Us is told in Fisher’s POV.  He is a beautiful, caring, kind man.  The author has really done a stunning job of portraying Fisher as an all round guy.  He does and says things that are so realistic that I was laughing a lot and other times he just made me mad – but then again, that’s what I found so realistic.

I loved the fact the characters were older – Fisher 32 and Ivy 41.  It was so refreshing to see how two very independent adults who are so involved in their own lives deal with new interruptions and consequences thrown into the mix of their routines.

Ivy is alluring.  Smart, independent and beautiful.  Although sometimes I felt she was not making the right decisions or choices and she was a little distant.

Their romance is one of 19 days of heat, hotness and fireworks – so we are lead to imagine that things move extremely fast… Their first nineteen days together, we are made to believe that their romance was full of wonderful moments and hot sensual sex.

Until meeting Fisher’s family has an odd and bizarre effect on Ivy.  The change in Ivy is ten fold – until she reveals the reason why.  It is huge, and we follow their journey on how they deal with the consequences.

They have so many ups and downs and unexpected situations that you wonder how they will survive.  So many times you think things are just too difficult that they will just not make it. 

Is their connection strong enough to survive the unexpected?  

Will Fisher and Ivy be able to move forward in their relationship?  Will this be the undoing of what they had?

The story goes on further to bring us the first 12 months of their relationship.  I found Ivy was very distant in a lot of this story.  I know it was Fisher’s POV, but at times, I just felt that Ivy was disinterested.

But I loved watching Fisher work through their relationship.  He was the center of this story for me.  He tried at every turn to make it work.  It felt so real, so every day.  There is so much more to this story.  You learn that everyone needs to understand the value of giving and taking within a relationship. 

I must add here that I didn’t know this was the sequel to Girl 99.  I haven’t read Girl 99 and didn’t feel like I needed to read it first after finishing The Two of Us.

Andy Jones has a simple, realistic and honest writing style.  This whole story was beautiful.  It made me laugh, it made me shed a tear, it made be question things, it made me want to read more.  These two are an extremely interesting and realistic people finding their way to love and how they make it work.

Thank you to Simon & Schuster Australia for supply an ARC for this review.

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