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BOOK PROMO & REVIEW - After Ever Happy by Anna Todd

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After Ever Happy (After, #4)After Ever Happy by Anna Todd
Trish's rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 Ever After stars

What a beautiful ending.

Anna Todd really brought it home with After Ever Happy.

This is the highly anticipated fourth book in the After Series. It was so much more than I expected.
Like with my previous reviews on the After Series. I will say, I loved the way Tessa and Hardin grew. I loved their characters on again / off again romance.

It is so full on. There are so many events, so many things still to be uncovered. Their love story is completely unconventional, but it will have you loving them more – but you have to ask yourself - will they ever survive?

"When you love people, you don't let them destroy you along with themselves, you don't allow them to drag you through the mud. You try to help them, you try to save them, but the moment that your love is one sided or selfish, if you keep on trying, you are a fool. If I loved him, I wouldn't let him ruin me too."

Their growth and development as people and a couple is ten fold. It really is wonderful to see how much they come into their own. How much they own who they are. Yes, they both still managed to frustrate me, but it wouldn’t be Tessa and Hardin if they didn’t. Just loved it.

When you think things will turn one way – they go another. That’s what I love about Anna Todd’s writing style. She has the ability to make me gasp and wonder WTH.

You really are left with no idea at all at where Anna Todd will take you with these characters. It was absolutely marvelous. It kept me glued to the pages wanting more. Yes, Tessa and Hardin may fix each other – but at what cost does that come with?

Anna Todd works her magic with this story and gives us a wonderful HEA.

It was one hell of a rollercoaster ride with Tessa and Hardin. So much angst, so much hate, so much love. What a journey. Literally for Tessa and Hardin and the reader.

This book was kindly provided by Simon & Schuster for an honest review.

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