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BOOK PROMO & REVIEW - The Road to Hope by Rachael Johns

Title:  The Road to Hope
Author:  Rachael Johns
Release Date:  1 March 2015

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Bestselling author Rachael Johns takes you back to Hope Junction and the characters from Jilted.

Nurse Lauren Simpson is known in Hope Junction for the wrong reasons – and she’s over it. Watching the man she’s always loved marry someone else is the last straw – she decides to get out of Hope. But her resolve is tested when the hot new locum doctor arrives in town.

Doctor Tom Lewis also has skeletons in his closet – including a painful breakup and devastating family news. He’s hit the road with his vintage ute and surfboard, to travel the outback and live in the moment.

When Tom and Lauren meet the attraction is instant, but for Lauren Tom threatens to be just another fling and Tom has his own reasons for hesitating. Everyone else – their friends and patients – can see how perfect they are together, but just what will it take for them to admit this to themselves?

A brand new Hope Junction story of fresh starts and second chances.

The Road to HopeThe Road to Hope by Rachael Johns
Trish's rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 Hopeful Stars

Wow, what a fabulous Australian read this was. Full of colourful characters and a small town where everyone knows you and the gossip is always at full flurry.

This is the first Rachael Johns book I have read, and I must say – I absolutely loved it. Her writing style is flawless and completely captivating. I was trapped within the pages of this book feeling every single emotion these characters went through with all the drama they entailed.

Lauren Simpson does not have a good reputation in this town. And boy do people talk. As the blurb says – she is determined to make a new start of her life, move out of Hope Junction and change her ways. But will it be that easy?

Enter Dr Tom Lewis. He is tall, handsome and oh so sexy. Will Lauren be able to control herself? Will she be able to be a good girl?

Dr Tom has a past he is running from. He just wants to have a little fun. Live life a little. But will his secrets be his undoing?

The circumstances of these two coming together was fun and flirty. The more time they spent together the more chemistry they developed. The attraction they share is also strong and sexy.

Lauren has a hard time being a good girl. Dr Tom has a hard time not flirting with Lauren. How will these two survive living together?

They are constantly up and down with their feelings for one another. So many things they are hiding from each other. Will they both be able to let go of their pasts, shed their reputations and move on together?

What will be the breaking point that these two endure to move past all the baggage they both have?
I loved watching this relationship between Lauren and Tom develop and unfold. The strength they find once they realized that it may be love is so promising.

It was a beautiful, lighthearted, fun read. It will totally absorb you into the lives of Lauren and Tom. Two slightly damaged people looking for a second chance. Who doesn’t love a second chance at love? Everyone deserves a second chance at love.

I really enjoyed this story, these characters and Rachael John’s flawless writing style.
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