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BOOK PROMO & REVIEW - Secrets of Whitewater Creek by Sarah Barrie

Title:  Secrets of Whitewater Creek
Author:  Sarah Barrie
Release Date:  1 January 2015

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Whoever said small towns have no secrets didn't know about this one...

Born and bred on the land, Jordan Windcroft is tough. She's had to be. Her life revolves around running her property almost single-handedly on next to no money, and waiting out her four years of probation - a rap that she took for one of her closest friends.

But there's an end to her problems in sight. Jordan’s probation period is almost up, and if she can just make the cattle sale, there’s a chance she can pull herself out of more than ten years of serious debt and keep her precious farm. The last thing she needs is for Reid Easton to walk into town.

Detective Senior Sergeant Reid Easton drives into Whitewater Creek on a mission to wrap up a three-year drug investigation; his only lead, Jordan Windcroft. The attraction between the two is immediate, but Reid is undercover and Jordan has a secret she can’t risk him discovering. Neither will jeopardise their cause, not for something as transitory as love.

Secrets Of Whitewater CreekSecrets Of Whitewater Creek by Sarah Barrie
Trish's rating: 4 of 5 stars


This story is full of action, suspense and romance.

I loved this small rural Australian town and getting to know Jordan Windcroft and Reid Tallon.

Jordan has things in her past that are always coming back to disturb her. She wants to keep her secrets to herself and is focused on saving her farm. She is feisty, independent, strong willed, quick witted and isn’t afraid to say what she is thinking. She is loyal, caring and protective of her friends to the point of not seeing the danger she puts herself into.

Reid is undercover. He’s a smart, devoted, focused and a determined detective who will go to any lengths to expose the drug syndicate that he blames for his sister’s death. He is extremely mysterious as he works undercover. He doesn’t want to expose himself too soon.

He is following up a lead on a drug case, hoping that Jordan will be able to shed some light on it, but he gets more than he bargained for.

Jordan and Reid’s attraction to one another was instant, but there was no insta-love. The try to deny their attraction to one another for so long, but you can just feel that it is there. Something between them – it is full of tension and mystery that the chemistry between them was excellent to watch develop. Their relationship is so well developed throughout this story. Even with all the secrets to uncover, mystery to resolve and the suspenseful twists. I loved it.

The circumstances that bring these two together is one you don’t see every day, which is what made this story all the more interesting and stimulating.

The story was engaging and it had me transfixed from the moment I started reading. I loved the character development, the dialogue and the plot twists and turns throughout this story. I was absorbed in this story for two days. It was easy to read and the writing flowed beautifully
This is definitely an Australian suspenseful romance page turner.

Thank you to Harlequin Australia for providing a review copy for an honest review.

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