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BOOK PROMO & REVIEWS: Black Inferno Series by K T Fisher

Black Inferno #1

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18+ sexual scenes. M/F/M and F/F sexual nature.
Lacey and Roxie have been best friends and live together in an apartment in Los Angeles. Lacey and Roxie may be best friends but over the past few years they have gotten even closer, giving each other comfort and relief when they have no other.

On Lacey's birthday Roxie decides to take her out to their favourite night club, with their two friends Ria and Paige. It's not long until the girls are drunk and having a good night. Roxie and Lacey dance on one of the mini stages, dancing like they've done many times before. They catch the attention of two men but these aren't just ordinary men, they're rock stars, looking for a good night without their rock star label.

Cole and Mason are brothers and are both in the rock band, Black Inferno. Cole is the lead singer and Mason the lead guitarist. His little brother Mason has been begging for a regular night out. Mason has never been a fan of the groupies and after parties and Cole finally takes pity on his brother and agrees to his night out. Cole realizes that he too is fed up with the after party life, the drugs and easy women are boring. While the band is in L.A they find a night club where they are sure none of their fans go and hope they can have a good night without being recognized.

It's in this night club where all four meet. Cole spots the gorgeous brunette dancing on the stage and immediately wants her. Lacey can't take her eyes from the dark and dangerous looking stranger. They all go back to the girls apartment, Cole and Mason discover just how close the best friends can be which leads to an interesting night. Lacey and Roxie have no idea that the guys are from the famous rock band, Black Inferno. To them they are just two gorgeous and tattooed men they met in the club.

Cole and Lacey find themselves drawn to each other, Lacey is scared at how fast she is falling for this new man in her life. Cole keeps his rock star profile from Lacey, he feels bad for lying but he's scared that if he tells her it could ruin what they seem to have. The truth will always come out but can Lacey handle the truth and can she forgive Cole when she finds out who Cole really is? Does her love for him make her look over his lies?

Black Inferno #2
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What happens when you discover the guy you’ve been seeing is a rock star? Well that's what happened to Lacey when she met Cole; now she’s forgiven him she's agreed to go on tour with his band.

On tour she has to cope with Cole's fame, his skanky groupies and getting to know the rest of the band.

Roxie, on the other hand, has a totally different dilemma. Not only is she quickly finding out her feelings for Lacey are a lot stronger than she thought, but she has to watch her with Cole. She’s also falling for Cole's brother, Mason, but how can she love two people? Unable to cope with everything she seeks solace in drinking; leading to some huge mistakes that she may not be forgiven for.

Black Inferno #3

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Fresh out of rehab and into the real world, Roxie is thrown into the deep end of despair and temptation. Whilst in rehab, as well as recovering from her demons, there’s one thing she knows for sure. That Mason is the man for her but she fucked it all up in the arms of Joe. Now she needs to fix what she broke, if only Mason would just listen to her. Instead he flaunts women in her face and ignores her every try. Unfortunately for Roxie, in anger Mason points Joe in her path, not knowing the danger he has put her in.
Thankfully, she has much needed support from her girls and it’s not long until they reveal her hidden secret. The burden of it tears Roxie apart and on top of the buried addiction to alcohol, constant blackmailing and worry from Joe, everything is revealed in a bloody mess.
Torn between the right path and the wrong, can Roxie fight her daily craving for the bottle and heal from her scars? Can she escape from the greedy hands of Joe safely and will Mason finally give Roxie a chance to beg for his forgiveness and have one last and final chance?
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Reviews By Angela

4 Quick Hot Steamy Stars

Was given this book for an honest review..

I enjoyed reading Heat Book 1 in the Black Inferno Series by KT Fisher.

It was a quick read with some sexiness, humor, sadness and anger all in one.

I loved where the story takes you and makes you want to read the rest of the books in this series.

Overall I enjoyed it and can't wait for the rest.
Well done KT Fisher on Heat.

5 stars

was given this book in exchange for an honest review.

So first off what I liked about this book was that you get the the last chapter of Heat at the start of Ignite for those of you that either have a gap in between reading or just to refresh your mind and know where your at.

I enjoyed this book more than the first, I think it was because we know the characters a little bit more and there's a bit more to the story.(obviously being the second book) But I just felt like I connected with the characters more and just enjoyed the flow of the way it was written. Heat for me felt too fast for me to actually enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Ignite.

I can't wait for Ember #3 Black Inferno Series to be released to see where the story goes.

Must read for rock star story lovers.


4 Stars

I really enjoyed reading Roxie's installment in this series.
I thought it was written really good, at times I found it a little flat but then it picked up again.
Overall I enjoyed this series very much and can't wait for the rest of the band's stories to come. Finger crossed.

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