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BOOK SERIES PROMO, EXCERPT & AUTHOR INTERVIEW - The Riverdale Series by Janine Infante Bosco

Author Bio

I have always had a love for reading and writing. My earliest memories of reading are when I was about eight years old and my mother and I would read at night. She on one couch, me on the other and after each page I turned I'd ask her, "Mommy, what page are you on?"

When I was thirteen I began to write. My passion evolved as the years went on, and when I was eighteen I wrote a full screenplay. Eighteen with dreams of one day becoming a member of the Screen Actors Guild.

Fastforward, I am now thirty years old. I am married with children and while I may never had done anything with my screenplay, I have fulfilled other dreams of mine, that were even more important to me.

My first novel is titled Pieces, and for me it is a dream come true. I hope you enjoy the journey, I'd love for you all to come along for the ride with me.

Pieces (The Riverdale #1)
Release Date - 9 April 2014


Jake Lanza is one of Riverdale New York’s favorite sons. He owns a tattoo parlor in the small upstate town and prides himself on being a fun-loving, live by the seat of your pants type of guy. He has everything he wants in life, a thriving business, a great family and a best friend with whom he could never live without.

Cara Sloane weaved her way into Jake’s life when they were fifteen years old. After her life fell apart at such a young age, Jake helped her heal, and began to pick up the pieces of her fallen life. His unconventional ways slowly had him becoming the anchor in her life.

Now fourteen years later Jake begins to see Cara in a new light. The things he thought he never wanted, he suddenly began to yearn for. The only problem was they were both too frightened to lose the greatest love either of them has ever known. Can Jake convince Cara there is more for them than just a friendship? Is he willing to take that gamble himself?

© Copyright 2014-2015 Janine Infante Bosco
      His arms were stretched behind his head as he slept. She nestled her body against his and laid her head gently on his chest. He shifted slightly causing her to hold her breath for a moment before peeking up at his face to see if she had woken him. His eyes were still closed and his breath still labored, she let out a sigh and relaxed her body against his. Lost in his scent, she let her eyes drift close, closing her mind to all her worries.  
      Jake wrapped one of his hands around her waist, her eyes drifted downward to where his hand rested on the hemline of her sweater, then back up at his face. His eyes were still closed, so she figured he had done it subconsciously. Maybe he had been thinking of Joanna, she thought, bringing a frown to her face. She had no reason to be jealous. She and Jake had always been just friends. She barely knew the girl, realizing she had no right to dislike her, yet for some reason she did. She stopped thinking of reasons why she was turned off to Jake’s latest girl, when his hand slid under her shirt.

      She would’ve sworn on a stack of bibles that she held her breath, but she couldn’t be sure. She knew she didn’t dare move a muscle as his fingertips caressed her soft skin. Her tongue ran along her bottom lip before her teeth sank into it. His hand moved further up her stomach resulting in her biting down so hard on her lip that she drew blood. She covered her mouth with her hand, muffling the gasp that followed the pain. She had to wake him or something, because she couldn’t go on pretending this wasn’t happening. She was sure if she didn’t put a stop to it, she’d only wind up inflicting more pain on herself. His palm closed over her breast. She couldn’t make out the sound that escaped her bloody lip, could it have been a moan? Or was it a shriek? Oh, what did it matter, she needed for her breasts to get a grip, and she begged her nipples not to react to his touch. Defiant nipples, she scolded as they hardened through her lace bra. She rolled her eyes before closing them, fucked she was definitely fucked. Why hadn’t she woken him yet? Oh, that’s right Cara, because subconsciously you don’t want him to stop. Bad girl! Bad Nipples! Goddamn it!

      As if he knew all about the conversation she was having with herself he began to laugh. Her eyes sprang open just as he pinched her nipple through her bra. She peered up at him, finding him staring down at her with a hooded gaze, sporting a full-fledged grin.

       “What?”  He said thickly and in a mock innocent tone, before sliding his hand back down her body, finally resting on her hip. She cocked her head and raised one questioning eyebrow at him, ignoring her; he buried his face in her hair.

      Cara swallowed hard. First off, she could stay like this forever, wrapped in his arms. Second, she recognized the heated need that was aching inside of her. She needed to get the hell out of this bed and stop driving herself crazy. She went to move off him, but he wrapped his other arm around her and brought her to rest fully on top of him. Great, things were going great for her.

      “What’re you doing?” She whispered, closing her eyes when she heard her voice. She sounded like a goddamn phone sex operator. Bad Cara!

      Jake ran his fingers down her back, his hand splayed on her lower back, right above her ass. “Shouldn’t I be asking you that?” He was still grinning.

      “I… me? I just came up here to check on you. Well, Luke told me to check on you and tell you that dessert is ready. And you were sleeping so I, well, I, I’m rambling aren’t I?”

      He nodded and she wished she could wipe the smug grin off his face. “Mmhmm. So dessert is ready, huh?” He said, slipping his hand into one of the back pockets of her jeans.

      “Jake.” She groaned. “What’re you doing?” She whispered, leaning her forehead against his.

      “I don’t know.” He said honestly, as he moved one of his hands to move the hair that draped their faces. He tucked the loose strands behind her shoulder and stared at her face. His eyes becoming lost in hers. He stole a fleeting glance at her mouth; her tongue ran along her swollen lip, he cupped her face in the palms of his hands.

       “What happened?” He asked, noticing her lip, tracing his thumb softly over it.

      “I bit my lip.” She whispered with a slight frown playing upon her pouty lips. A moment later, his face changed, becoming more serious, feral.

      “I want to make it better.” He whispered. His words held authority, almost demandingly, but his eyes asked her permission. She hadn’t realized she nodded until his lips touched hers. It wasn’t the first time they had kissed, throughout the years they’ve kissed a lot, but they had always been drunk whenever they did. That was the difference between then and now. This time they were both stone cold sober and in his bed.

      The kiss had started soft and slow, barely touching one another’s lips, just mostly exploring. She grasped his shirt in her hands pulling him closer to her. They broke apart for a moment searching each other’s face before simultaneously reaching for one another. Their lips fused together, desperately. Jake’s tongue snuck out, running along the seam of her lips, soothingly. She figured he was seeking permission to enter her mouth, so she parted her lips. His tongue accepted the invitation and slipped into her hot mouth. Their tongues caressed and explored. Her teeth grazed his lower lip and her head began to spin. A sea of emotions engulfed her, suddenly she found herself fighting for more of him. She was hungry and eager and began to take control of the kiss. She ground her body against him, a moan escaped him before he pulled back, letting out a shaky breath.

      “Cara,” he said breathlessly, still cupping her face as he stared at her. Shock and embarrassment covered her face and she touched her flaming cheeks before sliding her fingertips to her lips. They were plump and moist from his mouth.

      “I’m sorry.” She said, scrambling to get off him. He reached for her, catching her hips just before she could slide off him.

      “Jake, just let me go, please.” She begged, feeling her cheeks flushing even more. She had to get out of there now before the tears that were threatening to spill, actually did.

      “Stop it.” He said softly. “There’s nothing to be sorry about.” He paused, searching her face. Cara, look at me.”

      She lifted her head and glanced up at the ceiling, failing at trying to hold back the tears, when they escaped she quickly wiped at them.

      “Can we just forget this happened?” She said sniffling.

      He sighed, taking her hand in his. “If that’s what you want.”

      His simple words made her look at him, forgetting her tears that were streaking her face. Did that mean he didn’t want to forget it happened? She shook her head it didn’t matter. She needed this to go away. She needed things to be normal. They had been so careful not to cross any lines between them and then she went and did this.

      “I just… I can’t do this with you, Jake.” She moved his hands from her hips, getting off the bed, putting some much-needed space between them.

      “Cara, it’s not like I never kissed you before.”

      “We were always drunk!” She said quickly. “This was different.”

      “You’re scared.”

      “No! Yes! I don’t know.” She pulled her hair back and tied it up in a messy bun with the hair tie that was resting on her wrist. “The only thing I know is that you are everything to me, and I don’t want to mess that up. I won’t mess that up.”

Broken Pieces (The Riverdale #2)
Release Date - 16 June 2014


Nick Foti left Riverdale New York, seven years ago, leaving his dreams and the only family he ever knew behind. Most of all he left the one girl that managed to completely unravel him. Samantha Lanza was his best friends little sister. She wasn't meant to be his, she was his to protect like a sister.

When he finally decided he couldn't fight his attraction to her, events unfold that force him to leave her and the only life he has ever wanted behind. Forced to work for his father in Seattle, Nick is miserable. He spends most his time in the boardroom playing the corporate mogul. The rest of the time he loses himself in a bottle and random woman that will never compare to the one he left behind.

One day Nick hits rock bottom and decides he’s had enough, he hangs up his suit and tie and sets out to reclaim the life he was meant to have. He heads back to Riverdale just when the family he has always loved as his own needs him the most. Everyone welcomes Nick with open arms, except Sam. She wants nothing to do with him. Can he convince her he’s a changed man who wants nothing more than to have her in his arms forever? Or has is the betrayal she feels too great to forgive.


© Copyright 2014-2015 Janine Infante Bosco
“Are you home?” Nick barked curtly into the phone. His voice was distressed she countered.

“Yes.” She said as she drew her eyebrows together, trying to decipher his voice.

“Open your door.” He commanded through the phone.  Her eyes widened in shock and she looked at Phillip as she answered him. 

“You’re here? You’re in front of my house?” She swallowed hard and both she and Phillip stared across the living room at the front door of her apartment.

“Open the door, Sam.” He said, his voice agitated and then the line went dead.

“Does he know I’m here?” Phillip whispered.

“How the hell would he know that?” She said as she glanced down to look at herself.   Not much changed since he had seen her an hour ago. 

“I’ll hide in the bathroom. Hurry up and answer the door.” He said as he ran towards her bathroom. She looked after him perplexed. Why was he hiding? She shook her head once the door closed behind him. She stood still, staring at her front door. Why wouldn’t her feet move?

Nick banged on the door, lighting a match under her ass. She hurried to the door and swung it open.

When the door opened, Nick stood in front of her, his fist in the air ready to pound her door again. Lucky for her door, she got there in time. “What are you doing here?” She asked.

He ran his hand over his short hair and let out a strangled breath. He didn’t say a word for a moment and instead of answering her question, he just stared at her.

She studied his face, and noticed how frazzled he looked. His eyes darkened as his head dipped lower, traveling the length of her body. She could feel the heat creeping up inside her as she stood under his heated stare.

“Do you have any idea what I just endured?” He

asked roughly, his hands falling to his sides as his eyes held hers.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about?” She stammered.

“Your father just gave me the No Glove, No Love speech.” He bit the side of his cheek and struggled to remain calm. “I couldn’t shut him up. I tried to tell him nothing would happen between us. I told him he had nothing to worry about, that you couldn’t stand the sight of me.” He paused and watched her swallow. She gripped the edge of the door, not sure, where he was going with this or why he had decided this was so urgent he couldn’t wait to tell her. “Then he asked me why? Why can’t my daughter stand the sight of you?”

She bit her lip as she watched him shuffle his feet, not able to remain still. 

“I couldn’t answer him because for the life of me, I have no idea why you hate me so goddamn much? What I do know is that I’m stuck with a woman who hates me for two days and a four hour car ride, each way, scares the shit out of me.” He took a deep breath. “Why do you hate me Sam? Is it because I left? Is it because I don’t call you Samantha?” Is it because I came back? Because I honestly have no fucking idea how the girl I left almost seven years ago, the girl who looked at me like I was everything to her, can look at me now like I’m the devil.” With each question, his voice grew louder, until he was shouting at her, demanding her to answer him.

Sam absorbed his words and her grip on the door tightened as her knees threatened to buckle. Her mouth was suddenly dry, so she swallowed. She couldn’t recall a time in her life where she had seen Nick so unhinged. They stared at each other, for what seemed like an eternity, but in reality, it was barely a minute. She heard him mumble a stream of curses before he closed the distance between them. It took her a moment to register what was happening, and before she could, his hands cupped her face and his mouth crashed down upon hers.

Sam’s head spun as his lips glided over hers evoking every emotion that had been lost for nearly seven years. His mouth wasn’t gentle as she remembered, but rather desperate. His thumbs however gently caressed her jaw as his tongue slid between her lips and found her own. She heard a moan escape and wasn’t sure if it had come from her or him. His tongue slid over her, sampling her flavor. Before she could find her will to pull back, her tongue responded to him. Greedily they reacquainted themselves with their mouths, savoring what one another offered. 

This time she was sure he groaned, as his hands slid down her arms, wrapping around her waist. He pressed one of his palms against the small of her back, pushing her against him. The vision of him naked crept into her mind, as she felt his arousal, reminding her of the monster that was pressed into her thigh. She moaned as his teeth grazed her lip tantalizingly, before his tongue found its way back to hers. Their lips fused together as their tongues engaged in their own battle. Neither of them could be satisfied, and breathing was overrated. 

He started to pull away. In between gasps, he pressed his lips to hers, not able to withdraw from her completely. His hands made their way to her shoulders and he held onto her as he took a step back, finding the willpower to back away from her. They were both breathing unevenly. 

Involuntarily she lifted her trembling fingers to her swollen lips as she stared at him. She couldn’t formulate a single word. The son of a bitch had kissed her senseless. He slowly dropped his hands from her shoulders and inhaled sharply. She opened her mouth, but still, no words came out.

“Please try to stop hating me so much.” His voice was barely above a whisper. “You might find it more rewarding if you let me in.” He all but purred as he pointed towards her heart. The gesture sent every nerve ending in her body into high alert. She went to tell him off, to tell him that she’d never let him in her heart again, but he didn’t give her the chance. He turned around and walked away, just like he always would. She was better off never letting him into her heart he had just proved it. His car started as his tires skidded along the pavement, and she felt as if he had just skidded over her heart again.

Fitting The Pieces (The Riverdale #3)
Release Date - 30 September 2014

You’ve laughed with them. You’ve cried with them. Now it’s time to say goodbye to the Lanza Family, in the final installment of The Riverdale Series.

Luke Lanza is a man who has always done the responsible thing. He has faced a lot of challenging obstacles in his life; from raising his daughter on his own, to building a successful business, even being the only viable donor that could save his brother’s life. Knowing this about his brother and knowing that he was going to die, Jake asked him to look after the love of his life. Now Luke is torn between the promise he made to his brother and the pull of something he’s never known before.

“Promise me, I need to hear you say it, Luke.”
Luke swallowed. “I promise I’ll take care of Cara, you don’t have to worry about her.” A tear slipped down his cheek as he finished his vow to his little brother.
Jake smiled slightly and closed his eyes. “I could always count on you.”

Cara Sloane is struggling with the loss of her first love and the power of addiction. Jake had been her rock for so long, with him gone she realizes how broken she is. She doesn’t want to feel anything, least of all the emptiness in her heart.

“I know you’re at peace and I should be thankful for that, but I can’t be. I never realized what a selfish person I was. You were suffering and all I could do was pray for you not to leave me.”

A tragic accident leaves Luke and his family pleading with Cara to change the course of her life. Can Cara face her demons and learn there is life after Jake? Can she learn that she can hold onto to the beautiful memories they made together and still live her life?

“I don’t want to fix her because she’s broken.” He said with his own voice sounding a bit broken. “I want to help her because losing her too isn’t an option.”
Individually they try to heal, together they wonder if they can fit the pieces of their broken lives.

Jake's Journal (The Riverdale Series Companion #3.5)
Release Date - 8 April 2015

In honor of the one year Anniversary of the series you can now read Jake's Journal.

If someone would’ve told Jake Lanza he would have ever kept a journal, he probably would’ve laughed in their face. Journals were for females. His sister had a journal. He would know, being as he stole it once and read all her deepest darkest teenage secrets. Yet, to his surprise when Nick gifted him a blank journal, he decided to give it a try.

Dear Diary,
Fuck. That don’t sound right. In fact it sounds kind of gay. Why don’t these books come with instructions? You know what? Fuck this.

(Because I think I’m supposed to sign my name)

During the most the darkest days and most trying times, Jake used his journal to expose the deepest thoughts he wouldn’t allow himself to say out loud. In this journal you will read the thoughts of a man fighting for his life. Read his letters to Cara as he pours out his heart and soul to her, through his works and drawings he wished to create. Discover the plans he had for his loved ones and the promises he left behind. Enjoy the legacy Jake Lanza left behind.



How easy /hard is writing for you?
The story comes easily to me but I sometimes find myself struggling because it is important to me that I portray the characters I create as real as possible. It is my goal to have my reader relate to the characters. If you finish reading one of my books and walk away honestly saying that you felt what they felt or that it was believable to you, than I’ve done my job to the best of my ability.
How long have you been writing?
I started writing fifteen years ago, dabbling with fanfiction. When I was eighteen I wrote a screenplay. My writing took the back seat in life, during my twenties as I focused on my family. I turned thirty last year and decided I wanted to pursue my dreams of writing again.
Are you an indie author or traditionally published?
I am an indie author.
What did you do before you began writing or published your first book?
I managed five salons for nearly eight years before I got married and had children. For the last four years I’ve been working as a sales associate.
What inspires you to write?
The many facets of people, family, love and life.
What has been your favourite book to write to date and why?
I loved writing Fitting the Pieces. It was my third and final book with the Lanza family. I loved bringing all their stories together. I also felt more comfortable writing since I had already published the first two books in the series.
Who is your favourite character in any of your books and why?
I loved writing Joe Lanza, the patriarch of the Lanza family, because he was such an honest, down to earth character. I used my own father as the muse for him.
How do you connect with your characters?
I put myself in their shoes per say. When I wrote Jake’s Journal I was nervous because I had to put myself in a dying man’s shoes. I asked myself, if I was dying, what would I be feeling? What thoughts would be running through my head? Who would I want to reach out to if I only had one chance to say something to that particular person?
How do you feel writing sexy, erotic scenes?  Do you write them with experience or lots of research?
The first time I wrote a love scene I stared at the computer screen for hours. I was embarrassed to even write it, much less have anyone read it. Clearly, I’ve gotten over that hurdle. Bring on the sexy time!
How do you connect with your readers?
I love when a reader reaches out to me. The fact that they took time out of their day to contact me on my writing is so humbling to me. The bloggers have done a great job helping me reach new readers. They really drive Indie authors work.
What is your greatest achievement in life?
My two sons. They are my greatest achievement and my greatest gift.
What is your favourite thing to do other than writing?
I love DIY projects, especially for the home. I draw and paint in my spare time. I also love party planning.
What research do you do to write the stories you write?  How in depth is your research?
With Jake’s story I had researched his illness to better understand what his chances would be of surviving. It was important to me to portray his illness with as much realism as possible. My sister-in-law was also a good source of information, as her sister fought her own battle with cancer. She was able to provide insight to what the family members go through as well.
What do you consider your “big break” in the writing world?
My idea of a “big break” is the fact that people I have never met have read and reviewed my books. That amazes me.
Tell us a little about yourself?  Something more than is in your Bio.  Or tell us something that none of your fans would know.  For example:
Are you obsessive over anything?
Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes!
What are you hobbies?
Besides reading, I enjoy exploring my creative side. I love to paint and I’m a sucker for DIY projects. I wish I could be on one of those HGTV shows.
What is your one weakness?
Coffee. I will never deny an Iced Coffee.
How do you relax?
A good book and the beach please!
What is your favourite colour?
What is your favourite candy?
Give us 3 quirky facts about you?
I can’t snap my fingers. Imagine, thirty-one years old and I can’t snap my fingers.
I can’t sing even if my life depended on it.
I love to dance!
What is the best way for readers/fans to get in touch with you?
My Facebook Author page or email me at I am working on developing a website.
How do you find the time to write?
I’m still trying to figure that out. It was a lot easier last year but with my new baby time is stretched. Whoever said nap when the baby naps didn’t try to write a book.
What types of books do you like to read?
I love contemporary romance and sometimes new adult.
Which author do you admire and why?
Colleen Hoover. I think what she is doing with The Bookworm Box is fantastic. She is helping out worthy causes while helping authors get their names out there.
What other stories can we look forward to seeing from you?  Can you give us any synopsis?
June 30th I will be releasing Illicit Temptations. It is the first in a two part series.
What’s worse than going back home to bury your mother? How about the reminder of why you left home in the first place? Michael Valente’s father was the underboss to Victor Pastore’s criminal organization and was brutally murdered in place of Victor.
Now, years later Michael feels as if he has nothing to lose, and agrees to work for Victor. Victor wants to keep his pal’s son as legit as possible but when it is out of Victor’s hands and both worlds collide Michael is forced into a situation with an unlikely partner, Victor’s daughter Nikki.
Can these two put their attraction for one another on hold to deal with the issues at hand? Or will they combust with the mob breathing down their back?
How much of your books are real – how much a fiction?
The premise of the story is fiction but some of the characters are real. My father and my mother are Deb and Joe, just like in The Riverdale Series.
Are the experiences in the story based on someone you know or events in your own life?
Some of them are. Let’s just say some of the situations I have found myself in have inspired some the situations my characters find themselves in.
Do you ever get writer’s block?  How do you get through writers block?
Yes of course. I won’t force myself to write so I take the time to listen to music and read some other books to get my juices flowing.
Where do you see your characters heading in the future?  Another story, continuation?
Jake’s Journal was the final instalment of the Riverdale Series.
Have you ever met real life people like your characters?
How do you take in or deal with a bad review?
I mull it over and decide that I can’t please everyone. When I first published Pieces there were a lot of errors grammatically and people reviewed it based on the editing issues. I can’t be upset by that because the errors were there. It has been edited again recently. It drives me insane when someone reviews your book one star because they didn’t like the direction the story took or that they took it personally. I recently received a one star review from a reader on Amazon and when I looked at her other reviews she had 300 reviews that were all one star. To me that is discouraging because that reader doesn’t have an appreciation for literature she’s clearly just looking to slam it.
What do your family/friends think/feel about your writing?  Do they support you?
I have an amazing support system.
What advice would you give your younger self?
Don’t rush through life. There is a time and a place for everything.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?
Hopefully answering these questions with a NYT bestseller tucked under my belt.

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