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Loved interviewing LA Fiore last week.  Check out how awesome she is in the interview below.

How easy /hard is writing for you?  It takes me a while to find the story I want to write so it isn't unusual for me to write the beginning of a story ten or so times before I find how I want to tell it.  Once I have the story in my head, it takes only weeks for me to write it.
How long have you been writing? I started writing in college, but have been doing it full time for about ten years.
What did you do before you began writing or published your first book? I worked in Corporate America in the IT department of a major pharmaceutical company.  I retired when my daughter was born and it was then that my husband encouraged me to write... to reach for my dream.
What does writing bring to you? It's an outlet for me. I have always thought in terms of plot lines and characters.  I could be gardening and I'm running dialogue in my head. It's just how my brain works. Getting a chance to flesh out those ideas into a full-length story, where characters I've created get to tell their tales, is awesome.
What inspires you to write? My kids, seeing the world through their unblemished eyes.  Creating worlds where people are just a bit nicer, where reality is a little less real and anything is truly possible.
What motivates you to write and in everyday general life? I love the characters I create, I love living vicariously through them.  In my books, I've been to the Mayan temples, I've gone back in time, I've helped to heal a damaged soul, punched out a bitch, been to Dublin, gone game fishing. It's a blast.
Do you have a mentor that you turn to for help? No, but I do have a twin who has read every version of every story I've ever written. 
What has been your favourite book to write to date and why? A Glimpse of the Dream.  I adore Waiting for the One because I love the characters and how quirky the story is, but A Glimpse of the Dream is just so poignant and beautiful. The characters are people to whom I would like to emulate.
Who is your favourite character in any of your books and why? Kane Doyle from A Glimpse of the Dream because he is just deep down to the bone good.
How do you connect with your characters? They're like my children, everyone of them is family and I often think of them as if they're real and not just in my imagination.
How do you feel writing sexy, erotic scenes?  Do you write them with experience or lots of research? At first, it was awkward; I tended to overthink it...my husband will read this, my sister, but if you can write through the vantage point of the characters, then it just flows. For me, when I'm in the zone, I'm like a fly on the wall and not the one penning the scene.  As far as experience, I write more from gut and not research but though I have experience, it's vanilla.  : )
How do you connect with your readers? Usually Facebook, but if someone emails me or messages me, I always respond.  I enjoy talking to readers.
What is your greatest achievement in life? My kids.  Sounds cliché, but it's true.  They're amazing, such good people. My husband and I had to have done something right to have such great kids.
What is your favourite thing to do other than writing? Gardening...I adore gardening.  Flowers, lots of them, in colorful chaos.  It's another form of creating, making wonder with plants.
What research do you do to write the stories you write?  How in depth is your research? It depends.  If there is a specific topic, like in A Glimpse, I do quite a bit of research to ensure I understand what I'm writing about.  Other than that, I do very little. I'm being vague on purpose with this example since I don't want to give anything away.
How do your ideas begin? Usually there's a character floating around in my head. I work the story around that character.  Like now, I have in my head Cole...he's dark, intense and troubled and so I'm working plot ideas for him.
What do you consider your “big break” in the writing world? The writing thing happened backwards for me.  My husband encouraged me to e-publish my books because I had been going the traditional route with query letters to literary agents to no avail. After I published six of my books on the Kindle store, Beautifully Damaged took off.  When it reached the top 100 in the Kindle store, I unpublished it along with all of my other books because I knew I could make them better.  After two months of editing, I relaunched Beautifully Damaged and again it went crazy...reaching and staying at 11 in the Kindle store for a while and that's when my publisher called me and asked to sign me. I had dreamed of that call my whole writing career.  I didn't know half of what I know now, like getting myself out there, making myself known, so I missed out on connecting with the readers of Beautifully Damaged.  I would have liked that, engaging readers while the wave was happening.  Maybe another of my books will take off and I'll get to experience that.
For those of us that don’t know much about you, what is the one thing you want to be known for? Stories that push the limits of reality; my books aren't so much stories that would or could happen in real life, but stories that go beyond that; stories that take us to a place where fantasies exists.  I've had reviews where people question the plausibility of something in my story, I love getting those reviews because I don't really want the story to be plausible. As long as the story stays true to itself and the plots twists are organic to the storyline...I'm okay with stretching the believability factor.
What is the best way for readers/fans to get in touch with you?  Facebook.
Do you write full time or part time?  Full time.  I get the kids off to school, grab my coffee and head to my office with my dog. 
How do you find the time to write? I make the time, it's a job but one that I absolutely love doing.
What types of books do you like to read? Romance, any and all, but I do love Kristen Ashley.
Tell us a little about yourself?  Something more than is in your Bio.  Or tell us something that none of your fans would know.  For example:
Are you obsessive over anything?  I have a bit of OCD, need the cushions on the sofa in order, pictures straight on the wall, the house just so.  I'm not Monk from the USA series, but I am quirky.
What are you hobbies?  Gardening, playing piano, hanging with the ladies watching Sons of Anarchy or The Walking Dead, chilling with the family.
What is your one weakness?  Olive, crusty bread, cheese and wine.  I could live on that.
What traditions you follow?  I change the décor in my home for every season.  Love doing the conversions though sometimes I jump the gun and decorate for fall when it's still summer. : )
Do you have any pets?  Yes. Salem and Saphira...cats and my dog, Artemis, who is the best dog ever.  She was a rescue, terrified of everything. It took a long time for her to get comfortable with us, but now she's my shadow.
Favourite holiday destination?  - Maybe visit Australia and stay with me (Trish)  Cape Cod in Massachusetts
What do you do when you are looking to have a bit of fun? Hanging with my friends on my deck, drinking wine and chatting.
How do you relax?  Reading, love curling up with a good book.
What is your favourite colour? I don't really have one...I love colors: hot pink, peacock-blue, chartreuse.
What is your favourite candy? Chocolate in any form.
What book are you reading now?  At Peace from Kristen Ashley...just downloaded it.
What does your daily ritual consist of? Getting my kids to school, going to the gym and then hanging in my office writing, with my ipod playing.
What is your favourite movie and why?  Star Wars because it's just brilliant: the idea of all those other worlds in space, that it's right there within reach. 
Do you live by any particular mantra? I'm a firm believer in Karma.  What you do comes back on you tenfold, whether good or bad.
Favourite music? OneRepublic, everything they write I love.
Give us 3 interesting facts about you? I'm an identical twin, I'm married to a fraternal twin but I didn't have twins.  : )
Give us 3 quirky facts about you? I have full blown conversations with my cat, Tigger,  and the fact that he died two years ago hasn't stopped these conversations. For my office, I collect a memento to represent every character I've written. For instance, I have a clock that looks like a painter's palette for Logan in Waiting for the One. I've become mildly addicted to creating swag.
Have you ever received a reviewed that shocked you or made you cry or even had you jumping in excitement? Yes, for each but there were a few where the reviewer so totally got the story that I framed them and have them in my office.
Have you ever wanted to give up writing half way through a book? Never. The story needs to be told, it may take a while, but it needs to be told.
What would your advice be for a budding writer/author? Stay true to your stories. You're going to get reviews, people are going to love, hate or be indifferent, but don't let that change your writing because you can't make everyone happy.  As long as the story is the story you want to tell, be proud. Not everyone can write, many can start a novel, but completing one is an accomplishment.
What other stories can we look forward to seeing from you?  Can you give us any synopsis? After Waiting for the One, A Glimpse of the Dream is launching. That's a story about second chances. And in October, Just Me is launching. 
A Glimpse of the Dream synopsis: Teagan Harper is barely ten years old when she finds herself orphaned and sent away to live at Raven’s Peak, a Gothic estate on the seaside cliffs of Maine. Soon, though, her heartache and loneliness are tempered by a blossoming friendship with the only other child living at Raven’s Peak: Kane Doyle, only two years older than Teagan and abandoned by his mother. Over the years, the pair grows inseparable. First they’re pranksters and confidants, but eventually their feelings change, and best friends turn into soul mates. On the cusp of Teagan’s departure for a university in Boston, they share a glimpse into their happily-ever-after and make promises of forever.
But Teagan and Kane’s engagement and dreams of the future are shattered when Teagan returns home to find Kane gone from Raven’s Peak—and living with someone new. Devastated and heartbroken, Teagan cuts ties with her beloved adoptive home and tries to move on with her life. But years later, when the shocking truth behind Kane’s betrayal comes to light, Teagan must decide whether to embrace her new life and let go of her past once and for all, or fight for her dream life with the only man she’s ever wanted.
Just Me synopsis: Lark O'Bannion learned early that life isn't really like a fairy tale. Parents don't always love their children unconditionally; damsels are usually left to deal with their distress alone; Prince Charming rarely, if ever, comes riding to the rescue and happily-ever-afters are a lovely concept, but in reality are few and far between. When Sebastian Ross rolls into her life on his Harley, with his dark beauty and inked skin, Lark is willing to admit that maybe she doesn't know as much as she thinks she does.
Sebastian wants nothing more than to get out from under the control of his parents and their desire to force him into a mold. Changing schools in his senior year isn't an act of rebellion, but his attempt to take control of his life by following his own path. One look into Lark's emerald-green eyes and control is taken out of Bastian's hands. He will discover that the only path he wants to follow is the one that leads to her.
Who do you envision as your muse when you write a male/female?  Is it the same person every time or different?  Explain your thought process.  I don't have a muse. A character forms in my brain. I could be unloading groceries or weeding the garden and a character comes to me. As I write, the character develops almost as if I'm just an outlet.  It's hard to explain. I do not outline, I don't plan, I just type and let the story tell itself.
If one of your books was made into a move, which would it be and who would play your leading characters?  Would you keep the same title as the book?  Waiting for the One would be awesome as a movie. I'd keep the title and Thomas Beaudoin would play Logan and Emma Stone would be Saffron. A Glimpse of the Dream would be awesome too, though I don't know who would play those characters, I'll have to think about that.
Do you let your husband, parents, children, friends read your books? Everyone but my kids, they have to wait until they're older.
If you were to date one of your characters who would it be and why? Trace. I love Trace.
What do you consider to be your type of writing style? I don't really know. I cram a lot in my stories because I like a story to have a start, a middle and an end.
How much of your books are real – how much a fiction? They're all fiction, completely but so damn fun.
Are the experiences in the story based on someone you know or events in your own life? Characteristics of people I know make it into my stories. For instance, Trace is loosely based on my husband, Saffron has quite a bit of me in her.
What are you ambitions for a writing career? I'd love to be a New York Times best seller.  I could have been with Beautifully Damaged: I sold enough to be one but I didn't meet the criteria with how the book was sold.  I'd also ultimately love to write the screenplay for one of my books turned movie so I have a shot at an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay...my ultimate dream.
What actually made you sit down and decide to write something? When others ponder what they have to do for the day, or what is on their to do lists, me, I'm working story lines in my head.  At some point, I had to take those disjointed ideas and see where I could go with them.
Do you work to an outline, plot or do you prefer to just see where the writing/story takes you?  Definitely the latter, the story tells itself.  I never use an outline.
How do you think you have evolved creatively? I'm less inhibited, less afraid of what people will think and more into telling the story that evolves. And allowing myself that freedom, I've tapped into a more creative part of my brain.
Do you believe in Insta-love?  Why? Yes, because it happened to me.  When I met my husband, right out of college, he was dating someone and so was I but the attraction was immediate.  We've been together for 22 years.
Have you ever met real life people like your characters? There are people who remind me of my characters but no one that epitomises them entirely.
How do you take in or deal with a bad review?  It depends. If the bad review is constructive, I'll see if there's something I can take from it  However, if the review is simply written by someone looking to get their rocks off at the expense of the author, I just shake my head and move on.
Which famous person, living or dead, would you like to meet and why? Benjamin Franklin. His quote “Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead” is one of my favorite quotes.  I bet he had a lot of stories to tell.
What advice would you give your younger self? Get out there and socialize sooner with the readers. I kind of fell into writing but I wish I hadn't taken so long to connect with the readers.
What do you think makes a good story? A story that makes you feel every emotion, that takes you on a journey that when done, you've lost just a little piece of yourself in the book. That's what I try to do for readers. I want you to laugh as hard as you cry but at the end I want you to say, “Damn, what a read.”
If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book? Nope. I love every aspect of Waiting for the One, every plot point is organic to the story. Over the top, absolutely, but all the actions are true to the characters' personalities.

L.A. Fiore is the author of several books including: Beautifully Damaged, Beautifully Forgotten and Always and Forever. She's also the social secretary for her two children, a tamer of ill-mannered cats, the companion to one awesome dog and married to her best friend. She likes her wine red, her shrimp chilled and her social gatherings small and intimate.   

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