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 There are many rules a priest can't break. A priest cannot marry. A priest cannot abandon his flock. A priest cannot forsake his God. I've always been good at following rules. Until she came. My name is Tyler Anselm Bell. I'm twenty-nine years old. Six months ago, I broke my vow of celibacy on the altar of my own church, and God help me, I would do it again. I am a priest and this is my confession. 

 ***Priest is a standalone, full-length novel with an HEA. For mature audiences only.***

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Guest Reviewer - Patricia Maia
5 of 5 STARS

A while ago I posted something on my Facebook profile about a story that I would love to read, begging authors to write it… and as if God heard me, Sierra Simone conceded me my wish, and after a few weeks I came across this book.

Yes I wanted to read a love story about a priest, about temptation, forbidden love, secrets, carnal sin, lust, pure taboo and I got all this with this book and so much more!!! This is a very hot story, with a very naughty kinky man who happens to be a priest, who has the most dirty filthy mouth, a body to die for and temptation be damned... the man is sex on legs (or should I say, sex in a collar)! Also lightly angsty, this is not a book that goes against religious beliefs, but about the love you can find anywhere and even in God.

The characters are strong, both real, struggling with their own demons, seeking for the best in the world. Father Tyler Bell, is a young man, with a exceptional relationship with his family, that after a tragic moment in their lives found his calling and became a priest. Poppy Danforth is a young woman, who decided to start life in a in a new city helping others. She finds herself seeking help from God about some things she’s done and that she’s not so proud of. They met in the confessional booth and even after not being able to see each other's faces, their chemistry and attraction is unbelievably strong. Tortured by lust is how I would describe some parts of this book…

The story kept me guessing what would happen next and sometimes I couldn’t even believe the things that indeed happened! I can’t stop thinking about the sacramental oil… I will never forget what happened in this book when I see the oil again… The scenes are so well written, the descriptions are so perfect and real, that you almost see yourself living it, and this is one of those books that grips you and keep you turning the pages!

One of the best books I read this year so far!

About the Author

 Sierra Simone is a former librarian who spent too much time reading romance novels at the information desk. She lives with her husband and family in Kansas City.

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