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RELEASE DAY BLITZ & REVIEW - Lies in Rewind by Tali Alexander

Title:  Lies In Rewind (Audio Fools #2)
Author:  Tali Alexander
Release Date:  26 June 2015
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"Karma never disappoints. Karma always delivers..."

New York City attorney Sara Klein has created a perfect world for herself with her beautiful lies. A world in which she is the object of every man’s fantasies and the envy of every woman. Only one man knows the truth about the dark secret Sara is hiding, the only man she’s ever loved and can never have.

But Sara’s world of lies starts to unravel the day sexy British heir William “Liam” Knight storms into her life. He’s seeking revenge and answers for past betrayals, and will use anyone he can to get them.

An unlikely friendship between two lonely hearts seeking solace turns into love that will shatter a lifetime of lies, span two continents, and leave Sara facing the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help her God.

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Lies In Rewind (Audio Fools #2)Lies In Rewind by Tali Alexander
Trish's Review: 4 of 5 stars


Wow, Tali Alexander – you never disappoint with your wonderful writing style. And the 80's song references - just brilliant as always.

I loved the swift pace of the beginning of this story. The in-depth feelings and bond that each of these characters have and share. The second half I only wished for more between Liam and Sara. I felt like everything happened in that one day and then it took them so long to bring themselves back to each other.

But nonetheless, I adored Liam and Sara’s story even though I did question a few things. And I must admit their spark and the connection they shared was electric. I wanted so much more for them.

OMG Liam, I choose Liam…….

Liam and Sara are both two beautiful, broken souls who find each other in the most unexpected way.

"Sara, If I accidentally like you more that I should, would you allow me to keep you?"

I don’t want give anything away, but I will say this. What goes around comes around. And everyone should read this story to acquaint themselves with Liam Knight and Sara Klein. Their story is truly surprising.

"Liam, I want you more than anything I've ever wanted in my life, but I'm petrified because I know I don't deserve you. I don't want to cause you more pain, but I do need you, I need you so much. I don't have anybody, I only have you."

And Ms Alexander – you know the ending crushed me, I was not expecting the cliffhanger, I need to know more.

Recommended read.

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Author Bio

“Nothing really to tell, what you see is what you get.”

I am every woman out there that has fantasies in her head. I am a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, a wife, a lover, a mother, and a friend. I happen to also be a Doctor of Pharmacy and a business owner by day, and now a writer by night. Writing and reading help me escape the scary world we live in. I hope my stories help readers experience many different emotions and ultimately, I hope I make them smile…

Writing keeps me sane. I hope reading does the same for you.
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