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BOOK PROMO & REVIEW - Beautiful Liar by Tara Bond

Title: Beautiful Liar
Author: Tara Bond

Nina Baxter has her life all mapped out. She wants to work hard, take care of her younger sister and not end up like her drunk of a mother. Most of all, she plans to stay away from bad influences.
Alexander Noble doesn’t give a damn about anything or anyone. The heir to an unimaginable fortune, he’s never had to do a day’s work in his life, and devotes himself to pleasure and partying.
When opposites attract…
From their very first meeting, Nina knows Alex is bad news, and vows to stay away from him. But as their paths continue to cross, she can’t help being drawn to him – especially when he makes no secret of his interest in her.
Can they resist the pull?
For the first time ever, Nina is on the brink of following her heart. But can she believe Alex when he tells her to trust him? Or is he just another beautiful liar?

Beautiful LiarBeautiful Liar by Tara Bond
Trish's rating: 3.5 - 4 of 5 stars

3.5 – 4 Full of Secrets stars

Family secrets, lies, trust, responsibility – Beautiful Liar is a graphic depiction of all of this and how two unlikely people find themselves in a relationship against all the odds.

This book has a tone that you always need to look out for yourself. Trust in yourself is the key to learning and understanding when people are genuine and want to help.

Nina and Alex are from completely different sides of the tracks and have different ideas about life. Alex living it up in his wealth and Nina struggling with what she has. We see the harsh split between the London wealthy and the poor – at times it felt agonizingly real.

But how will they adapt to being in each other’s lives? Will they be able to trust each other?

The story was interesting but at times I felt the writing fell flat hence the reason for my rating, but I did enjoyed it with plenty of twists and turns to keep me interested. I will say though, the attraction between Nina and Alex was a little light on, it was there, but it just needed a little more.

And the ending … it sort of just left me hanging. As it was a standalone, I was hoping for more closure. With no epilogue I was just left wondering what was in store for Nina and Alex’s future.

Overall it was a good easy read.

Thank you to Simon and Schuster for providing a review copy.

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