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REVIEW - The Brats by Peter Hallett

The Brats
Peter Hallett

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They’re inexperienced… But these brats are quick learners.

Cindy - I knew the moment I saw Cindy I had to have her. She was everything I ever wanted. She was a cute skater who enjoyed showing off her body in revealing bikinis. She could have anyone she wanted... but she chose me.

April - Kaz was having a sleepover at my house. I was prepared for loud music and a messy home. What I got was April Rain. I never thought someone like April would be interested in me... but I was very wrong.

Kaz – She came to live with us when we found out she'd run away from home. I’d broken up her family during my affair. Now she planned to break up ours by seducing me… and I was eager to let her.

April & Kaz – I’m a pro. I perform exorcisms. I remove demons via punishment and pleasure. April has been very bad. So has Kaz. Some times work can be just that, work. On this occasion... I know it will be fun. 

4 Erotic stars

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I purchased a copy of the The Brats by author Peter Hallett, so you can imagine my surprise when it rocked my reading experience.

Four short erotic stories, giving us a sexy snippet into the experiences of three, dare I say it, Brats. Each story is also connected to another which I found really interesting as well.

This is really a fun, erotic, very arousing and filthy little read. Totally enjoyed it as my imagination ran wild on a number of occasions.

It was jaw dropping to some extent as I didn’t expect the turns it took.

Peter Hallett did a fabulous job at connecting these stories together and giving us a little erotica to arouse the senses in every way possible.

Just wish there was more.

If you are looking for a very erotic, sexy and unexpected read that will arouse your imagination for a little while, then definitely get yourself a copy of The Brats.

I'm looking forward to reading more of Mr Hallett's stories.

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