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REVIEWS - Escort in Training & Escort Unleashed by James Grey

Escort in Training & Escort Unleashed
James Grey

Emma Carling is just an ordinary girl. She works a stressful office job in London, her commute is hell and she hates her boss. Romance? Kink? The slender brunette may be stunning, but for the last couple of years she’s just been trying to survive. And she doesn’t do one-nighters. She’s English, she's straight, and she’s a good girl.

Then comes a life-changing moment. She tells her manager exactly what she thinks, and storms out of her job. Is it a huge mistake? As the dust settles and the reality of a month without salary dawns, she’s full of doubt. Then a seriously wealthy friend of a friend hints that she’d make huge cash as a premium escort. Emma laughs it off at first. She’s so not that kind of girl.

But then she starts to wonder what it’s like to be so wanted, so wealthy, so powerful. And the rich Charles offers to pay for her to attend a secret, exclusive escort school in the English countryside…

Can Emma shake off the shackles of her conservative upbringing? What will she be asked to do at this unusual school? Will she get on with the select group of fellow trainees? Will she fall for the staff? The other girls? What happens if she transgresses? Can she live with her feisty peers…and can she live with herself? 

Escort in Training (Emma Book 1)
5 hot, filthy stars

Wow, just wow.

Erotic, sexy and arousing.

Emma’s story will leave you a little breathless. It may even make you blush. It will definitely arouse you.

The training she goes through is like no other you will have seen or heard about.

I have to commend the author, James Grey, in writing this erotic tale from a female’s POV. It really is quite extraordinary and left me a little hot under the collar.

James Grey really brings you an arousing, sexy and erotic story full of extremely vivid and scorching sex. A story you will find hard to put down without finishing it in one sitting.

Well done James Grey. Had my senses aroused in every way possible.

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Emma Carling may have graduated from escort school with distinction – but her journey has only just begun. Now she must prove her seductive skills in the real world: the five-star hotels and lavish mansions of London. She must make the city’s most connected, powerful and wealthy men sit up and take notice of her. She must become a pedigree sex machine.

But will she really earn the life-changing money they spoke of during training? Will she die of shame or learn to love opening her legs for a living? Is she dominant, submissive or both? And what if her friends, or worse yet, her parents, find out about the crazy twist her career has taken?

As the heat in her new work rises, Emma crosses paths with a mystery man who pays to abuse her – both mentally and physically. She is never allowed to see him, but she hears his hot, threatening whispers loud and clear in her ear. She fears he is someone who knows her well, yet their encounters fill her with more passion than she cares to admit. And then there’s Charles, who paid for her schooling and worships every inch of her body as though she’s a work of art. He prefers prostitutes to marriage, but she stands on the brink of falling for him.

Will lust trump fear? Will romance conquer leather belts and metal chains? Can her faithful school friends and experienced agent help her? Find out the answers by joining Emma on her wickedly liberating ride through an exclusive world. A dark, sexy world of which nobody ever speaks… 

Escort Unleashed (Emma Book 2)
4 unleashed stars

Again, James Grey brings us another erotic and arousing story in the life of Emma Carling, escort extraordinaire.

I found the continuation of Emma’s story thrilling and exciting. Although I have to admit I found Escort In Training to be more graphic and vivid.

The author certainly does tease us with Emma’s escorting life and her mischief with her girlfriends and associates/clients. It was extremely gratifying and sexy. Fun and easy to read and again, I really couldn’t put this book down.

I was just looking for a little more heat, mainly in the middle of the story, similar to the scorching heat in Escort in Training. Although I have to say, the ending left me a little breathless and the cliffhanger…Mr Grey, you simply cannot leave your readers hanging for too long.

I have to admit, you had my senses aroused once again.

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