Friday, 8 July 2016

REVIEW & NAUGHTY EXCERPT - Theater Brat by Peter Hallett

Theater Brat
Peter Hallett

4.5 smutty and naughty stars

Peter Hallett has again rocked my reading experience.

This is a very smutty, erotic, very arousing and filthy little read. Totally enjoyed it as he had my imagination running wild. I have a feeling that all of these Brats books are completely “filthy little reads.”

I loved the naughtiness and the taboo of this story. It was arousingly good and left me a little wide mouthed with things I did not expect.

I can’t wait to get stuck into the other Brats books. My only request is that I wish these stories were longer.

If you are looking for an arousing, naughty read, you definitely need to get yourself a copy.

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Naughty Excerpt

Her tight, wet walls massaged my head as it traveled deeper. I couldn’t force any more of my massive cock into her, even though only half of my pumped shaft was inside her. I could feel her womb pressed to the tip of my cock. Her pussy lips were pulled wide around my fat dick, her young cream bubbling and leaking free to wrap around my veiny shaft.

“You’re so big. I feel so full. Fuck me, it feels good though.”

“Does it hurt?”

“A little.”

“That will pass soon. Your pussy will be bubblegum in no time.”

I drew back, admiring her tiny ass as I placed my hands on her dainty hips, shuddering as her insides clung tightly to my cock, which was drawing her cream with it, making my dick look like it had been dipped in milk.

I pushed back into her, nice and slow, her pussy pulsating more and more the deeper my cock penetrated her. The friction of her tight cunt was intense and I found my legs shaking from the pleasure her teen pussy was infecting my body with. My cock head hit her womb again and I groaned.

She let her heels touch the stage floor again. She wiggled her hips slightly as she let out a deep breath. “It’s wonderful agony to slowly fuck a little cutie like you,” I said. “I’m having to fight my urge to thrust wild, hard and fast. You have me foaming at the mouth from the feel of your cunt’s innocence.”

“I love how big you feel. Your cock is the piece of the jigsaw my teen pussy was missing, Daddy.” She moaned and pressed her ass into me. I saw her clamp her eyes shut as she adjusted to the massive intrusion in her fledgling cunt. “Please make me cum again. I want to cum on your big cock.”

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