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I’d like to welcome Emma James to Novels In Heels. Emma is an Australian author who, I am told, can write hot as hell men. I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t yet read and Emma James book but they come highly recommended by so many that they are sitting on my kindle ready for a moment’s peace to get stuck in. It’s a pleasure to have Emma here today.

Emma: Hello and thank you for that lovely welcome. I loved your questions. I look forward to you reading my work one day. I think I might just surprise you with my stories. I do love writing a hot guy and the pages can get a little sizzling. Thank you for having me here today.
As you may or may not know from her bio, writing has been a part of Emma’s life for many years until she decided to take a leap into the self-publishing world and see where that journey would take her.
Writing words on paper is as important as the air she breathes. There's nothing more satisfying to her than writing all day to bring to life amazing characters who will stay in your heart.
Life is about finding that one thing that you know you can do well and living it.
It's never too late to find it.
You can find Emma here:
As you know, I love interviewing authors and getting an insight into their lives, what makes them tick and write awesome stories with a little more of an in-depth interview. So let’s start and see where it takes us.
NIH - How easy or difficult is writing for you?
Emma: Writing is hard work for any author, especially when we are our worst critic. I am very hard on myself because I don’t want to disappoint the reader, but at the same time, words flow for me. I haven’t encountered writers block yet, which I am thankful for.
NIH - What does writing bring to you on a personal level?
Emma: A sense of feeling settled with where I want to be in life. Writing is a challenge and a huge learning curve when you are self published and you have to learn everything from the ground up and be in control of it all. I am simply at peace doing what I love.
NIH – Where did the ideas for your characters Edge and Whisper come from?
Emma: I always get nuggets of ideas that can turn into a hearty chicken dinner. I can be writing a book and get this spark of an idea and then I grab a notebook, title it with WIP # ? and I jot those thoughts down. Edge and Whisper were no different. I had the nugget and I ran with it until it became this full blown possibility. I love their names have great meaning to their characters. I can’t lay claim to the name Whisper. One of my lovely readers Katrina Whittaker kindly let me have that name. She loved it for a female character. I had not yet named the female lead in Wrenched because it was still a notebook full of dreams and ideas. It was like this piece that slid into place and she became more than she was simply from having a name like Whisper. Her name inspired me to write more depth to Whisper’s character. It encouraged the story line for her.
I wanted to write a story/series which had MC influence, but was so different to the regular recipe of an MC series. It became a dark suspense romance series, with the MC life a part of Edge, but this story wasn’t about that life, it was about Whisper’s.
NIH – What inspired the MOOB boys’ story?
Emma: The nugget of an idea I had a long, long time ago for the Men Of Ocean Beach series. Way back when I was too scared to write A Little Faith. I sat on this nugget like it was an egg I was preparing to hatch and I nurtured it and did more sitting. Could I really write something readers would pay to read, and come back for more?
The Bali bombings had always upset me. I kept thinking about them and the lives of the people afterwards. Who had survived and lost somebody and what impact had it had on the rest of their lives.
I played about with a photo board, getting familiar with my muses for the MOOB men. I wanted them to be different. To have different flaws. To have great depth to their characters. I wanted to write something different and be brave in the way it came across. Multiple POV was the only way these men spoke to me and not many authors had taken that on at the time. Their voices were all banging away in my head wanting the reader to understand them, get to know their heartache and also their humour.
Then it all came together over a two year writing stint. Mostly out of fear of failure I took that long. I wanted these men to touch reader’s hearts and feel real. Now I am releasing a MOOB book a lot quicker.
NIH- Are you a plotter or a panster?
Emma: I am 100% plotter. I can’t panster. Not with a suspense romance series, like Hell’s Bastard. I had to know exactly where I was going in each book before I even started writing. How much to reveal in each instalment and what twists to put where. It helps with keeping it fast paced.
The Men Of Ocean Beach series was no different as I have twists and surprises waiting for the reader in each book.
I want to be as unpredictable as possible with my story line. I want to give the reader a really great HEA ride or a dark suspense romance ride. Like every author, I want the reader to feel like my book was money well spent.
NIH - How do you connect with your characters?
Emma: I spend a lot of time getting to know them, getting their descriptions and back story in my head. Kind of like I have grown up alongside them. I find their personalities within me, especially with the MOOB men. Keanu I connect very well with because he is my funny bone. Although there is serious stuff going on around him, in his head, he uses humour as a weapon. That is very much me. I find Keanu very easy to write. Text is a different story. I had to understand him on a deeper level due to him being mute and why. I had to know how to use actions, facial expressions to get some of his emotions across. Retro is my more creative side. I love how he has dreadlocks and is so darn loveable. He is a little quirky and says it like it is. Harley is my inner tiger. He is protective and will take charge and sort things out. Levi is very much under the radar with his intelligence. He wears the many chapters in his life on his body.
NIH - What is your favourite thing to do other than writing?
Emma: Cook and watch Netflix with my family. I socialize. I love taking photos, keeping memories. I get out of the house, because writing is very much a hermit existence until you step away from the computer. We need sunshine. I walk for 4 to 5.5kms as many days a week as I can. I can be found up a mountain, puffing and panting. I love the beach.
NIH - What types of books do you like to read?
Emma: All genres. I bounce all over the place. It keeps me interested in a genre if I can swap them about. I make snap decisions. I don’t plan my reads. I used to, but now time for reading ( = able to stay awake) is less with writing and all that comes from being self published. I am less likely now to finish a book if by half way I am not feeling it. I used to read on regardless. Comes down to so many books I want to read before I park up.
NIH - Tell us a little about yourself?  Something more than is in your Bio.  Or tell us something that none of your fans would know.
Emma: I got a little passionate ( cough ) about Twilight the movie leaving out so many key scenes, like the ironic scene where Bella faints and Mike has to take her to the nurse and Edward swoops in. I decided to teach myself how to write a movie screenplay.
Yup! I was passionate. I wrote one for New Moon. I sent the whole paper copy to Chris Weitz at Summit. Oh yeah! I was passionate. Kirsty Dallas is the only author I have shown it to. No screenplay software. I taught myself the margins and setting out and six weeks of intense, determined keyboard pounding I had a pretty good screenplay. I was very proud of it.
But I do know I can write one. I studied up loads before I even attempted it. I read a lot of screenplays online which were very helpful in how to set it out.
Did I get a reply from Chris?
Nahhh. LOL For all intents and purposes, I already knew they used a screenplay writer, but this was just the passion inside me exploding and I had to do something about it. Cost me like $32.00 to post it too.
NIH - What would your advice be for a budding writer/author?
Emma: Be passionate and determined and be willing to keep on learning every day. Be willing to listen to constructive criticism without getting your knickers in a knot. Use beta readers who aren’t family and friends. Find passionate readers who are willing to be polite with their feedback and honest. Always want honest feedback. Be aware of your conduct on social media.
NIH - What other stories can we look forward to seeing from you?  Can you give us any synopsis?
Emma: Contorted, Hell’s Bastard # 3 is due for release in November. Will To Protect is coming in 2017, Cake By The Ocean, a fun stand alone is releasing in 2017 and also Hell’s Bastard # 4. If I can work anymore books out of my head then I could maybe write one more in 2017. I have a lot of spinoffs coming for Men Of Ocean Beach and a novella and Slade and Phoenix duology for starters. There’s a lot of life left in these characters.
NIH – When you write a particular character, do you envision a particular muse for each of them? Explain the thought process?
Emma: Definitely I have muses. You can find them on my Pinterest page. I always like to get a clear idea of what my character looks like from the start. I plan first and last names, book titles and character descriptions straight up for a series.
NIH - If your book/story was made into a movie; who would play your leading characters?
Emma: Well, the ladies seem to think Chris Hemsworth is a pretty good Harley Madden. Funnily enough I hadn’t chosen him as my original muse, and his character is the only one I went with the reader vote. I know he is popular for just about every book casting, but eh, I would sign him up in a heartbeat, purely because he really is Harley in my head now and for a lot of the readers.
NIH - Do you let your partner, parents, children, friends read your books?
Emma: OOO never my children at this stage. Might be a bit naughty for my thirteen year old. Mummy would have a very red face if I caught her having a read. Middle man child has dabbled, until I’ve swiped Wrenched off him. Again red face. My friends definitely. They always look forward to my next instalment and I get excited PMs or texts, or we chat over lunch. My proud bone does get tickled when they get excited about what I have written. My parents I have given paperbacks to, but I don’t ask if they have read. I have only given MOOB paperbacks because I think that is enough sex my parents could handle from their daughter writing it. HB way! Gahhh!!! *hides under pillow*
NIH - If you were to date one of your characters who would it be and why?
Emma: Slade Malone the man behind the bar at Joe’s Bar. He is so much more than that and he is going to show the readers some of that in Contorted. He gives me a lady boner.
NIH - What would you say is your greatest achievement in life?
Emma: I think any mother would say their children. Nothing has topped that so far.
NIH - What advice would you give your younger self?
Emma: Be brave.
NIH - If you had a choice would you choose – flogger, blindfold, handcuffs, restraints, rope, whips, cane?
Emma: Blindfold and handcuffs... eh throw in restraints. ;)

Thank you again Trish for your awesome questions.
Have a great day
xx   Emma

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