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Genre: Suspense Romance
Series: Hell’s Bastard # 2
Cover Design: Jemina Venter


The Hunt Is On.


I was never meant to be free.
Evil has taken from me again.
I’ve lost the two people I’ve grown to love because another of Hell’s bastards has staked his claim on me and stolen me away.
What gives another human being the right to take another’s innocence and try to destroy their soul?


We were never meant to meet.
Our lives collided and spun out in different directions.
Now it’s a race against time.
Time she doesn’t have.
This is on my head.
I f*cked up.

What happens when a Soulless Bastards MC enforcer is on the hunt for the f*ckers involved in taking the sweet and wild girl?

No Mercy happens.


Please note: You must read Wrenched before Warped
as this is an ongoing suspense series.


I could not put this book down. The plot is extremely complex and the web became more tangled. New characters were introduced and it was impossible to determine where this story would go next. I was on the edge of my seat and biting my nails. The intensity level was through the roof. It added more kinks to the overall story and made it become more intensified. I can’t wait to see what comes next. Warped was the perfect title and brilliant addition to the Hell’s Bastard series by Emma James.
~Smut Book Junkies Book Reviews – Michel


Oh Emma James, you tore apart my heart in WRENCHED and now you have blown apart my mind with WARPED. Never have I read a series that has had the ability to twist and turn my heart and mind in all directions...
~Reading Is Our Satisfaction – Maria Alexander

Warped. Man, what a crazy ride this book is. I enjoy all of the authors work, but Warped really blew me away. This book had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I was just wanting to get through it as quickly as possible because I need to see what happens, but also wanted to savor it and make it last longer. It was so good. Emma really created a wonderfully twisted world that I can’t get enough of! I am eager for more.
~Jen In Bookland

Emma James you’ve just simply blown me away with another brilliant story. I was so excited to dive back into this crazy, dark world Emma has created and she didn’t leave an ounce for disappointment in Warped. From start to finish I was on pins and needles, with on going twists and turns you’re always left speechless and wanting more. I was utterly & completely hooked. Amazing character development (LOVE Edge!), emotions running high... my head is still reeling from it all.
~Sassy Book Lovers – Stacey


CLOSED FB GROUP - Emma James' Sisterhood

Check out this excerpt. I just adore Miss Catherine and her ways. She has quite the fan club. I do love Edge and Miss Catherine’s relationship. They are converting non dark romance readers around the reader at a time.


Two bullets to maim.

Before they can even make a play for me, the muted sound of my gun goes off and I shoot the carrot top straight through his bare kneecap, blowing it out as blood spray paints the air, raining down. I’m instantly swinging my gun around toward the long-haired, dirty blond, ready to pump off another shot, but he’s already falling sideways, holding his hipbone, moaning, and cursing. Blood seeps out between his fingers as I note out of my peripheral vision Carrot Top has dropped like the wounded fucker he is, clutching at his knee from the agonizing pain.

What the fuck?

I hadn’t gotten my second shot off, and I was aiming for the blond fucker’s kneecap.

I risk a quick glance over my shoulder at Annie Oakley, who has her gun trained on the dirty blond, more than willing to invest another bullet in him from the look of sheer uncensored anger mixed with triumph on her face.

I gather she heard the gutter-assholes playing rock, paper, and scissors.

I kick the weapons out of their hands before they can rise above the pain and come to their senses. My trigger-happy finger is ready for any sudden movements from either of these boys. “Hands up, the both of you, and act like statues. Grab for a concealed weapon, and I’ll make the next bullet count.”

The fuckers probably still have more weapons on them and may just want to grow a hero complex and reach for them.

Thug 101: Always carry more than one weapon on your person.

Hunter 101: Always be prepared for the fucker to reach for it.

They’re your homegrown breed of redneck. They stink of cigarettes and moonshine, and they each have the makings of a genuine beer gut. They are clothed in open plaid shirts with cut-off sleeves and a wife beater underneath, and shorts that haven’t seen a washing machine in days. They have faces only a mother could love without fault. Their hair is long and scruffy, and their teeth… even a dentist would run from those fucked up chompers.

Miss Catherine drops the gun into her knitted jacket pocket and is now taking it upon herself to use Blondie’s head as a puck. She viciously hockey sticks one of my crutches into the side of his head, snapping it sideways, rendering him unconscious on an unladylike grunt.

I’m impressed. Eighty-plus years old and she didn’t hesitate to take him out.

Here I was thinking the old lady didn’t know the ass from the business end of a gun. I arch an eyebrow at her at what she’s just done.

“What? You be sayin’ to point and shoot, so I be doin’ as you say. I be a fast learner, although I be aimin’ for his penis.” She sounds annoyed she missed. I suppose it’s one less fucker to worry about.

I’m not used to being ignored, and I need to articulate I’m not impressed with her random, Annie-Oakley, gun-toting ways, even though I am. I won’t admit I’m feeling a little proud of Padawan.

“I told you to fucking stay inside the hangar until I came for you.” I grind my words out in a low voice. I need to be in control for her safety. “I had it under control. This isn’t my first rodeo.” If only she knew how talented I was, she would be running in the other direction.

I’m beginning to expect the unexpected with this old lady. She’s much tougher than she looks. She’s a fighter. Something... someone in her past has made her this way. It’s all hidden away until called upon. She’s definitely seen darker days.

“I didn’t listen.” Miss Catherine has sass.

“Obviously,” I say dryly out the corner of my mouth.

WRENCHED – Hell’s Bastard # 1
Available Now

Wrenched is currently ‪#‎free‬ ‪#‎kindleunlimited‬ until 8th August and then it will be available again on all platforms. So get in and nab it if you are on KU.


CONTORTED - Hell's Bastard # 3


Shit is gonna blow!

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Writing has been a part of Emma James' life for many years until she decided to take a leap into the self publishing world and see where that journey takes her.

Writing words on paper is as important as the air she breathes. There's nothing more satisfying to her than writing all day to bring to life amazing characters who will stay in your heart.

Life is about finding that one thing that you know you can do well and living it.

It's never too late to find it.

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