Thursday, 11 May 2017

RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW: Anonymous Encounters by Cassandra Dee

Anonymous Encounter
Cassandra Dee 
Release: May 10, 2017

I don't even know his name. But I let him f*ck me anyways.
Who goes on a site called Discreet Encounters? Well if you're me, a shy, naïve eighteen year old girl, then on-line meet-ups sound pretty good.
But when Donovan answered my ad, I was surprised. What was a billionaire alpha doing on a site like this?
And when I met him in person, he told me to bend over.
He told me that I was his, that I had to do whatever he ordered, even if we were total strangers.
He told me to crawl, to beg, to cry out his name as those six pack abs pressed into me, as that big muscle poked me from behind.
But I loved it. I did everything he commanded ... and more.
What's happened to me? How did a shy librarian become a bad girl, leaving all my inhibitions at the door?
Because I've become a girl I don't even recognize. But I just want more of Donovan, his ownership, his touch, his possession.
I belong to him. And I can't get enough.
Book 5 of the Billionaires Club. HEA guaranteed. Includes three bonus books for your reading pleasure.

Anonymous Encounters is a continuous of the billionaire series that can be read as a stand alone! So far this whole series has delivered OTT ALPHA, smut you can't even imagine, a plot, all wrapped with a double dosage of romance.
Donovan and Rachel are definitely the most kinkiest couple yet. Hot online encounters that are to remain anonymous ends up becoming something so much more that leaves you oh so hot and bothered. Donovan doesn't fall short of being the uber OTT alpha daddy to our heroine Rachel who knows exactly when to submit. Overall with a kinky factor of 1000 Cassandra Dee delivered yet another successful book! Five Delicious SMUTTY stars! 

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