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REVIEW: Tailspin by Jaimie Roberts


Jaime Roberts 

Mara's Review
Book: Tailspin
Author: Jaimie Roberts
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense
Release Date: June 20, 2017
Stars: 5

Devon Jackson (34) is the CEO of Worldwide Airways, a business he inherited from his grandfather. Devon is also the quintessential boss from hell. Even though he is paying his personal assistant, Andi Bellingham (26), above pay grade to do her job, he is a complete and total a-hole, but Andi puts up with him, his demands, and deplorable behavior for the money because her father has been stuggling to make the payments to keep the family home.
When Devon first offered the PA position to Andi a year ago, she thought it would be a good fit seeing that Devon has been a childhood friend of her older brother, Charlie, for the last nineteen years. Unfortunately, working for Devon has been the biggest mistake of her life, but unbeknownst to Andi he isn't acting this way towards her because he hates her. Oh, no... he loves her, but she is his childhood friend's sister and he's been trusted to watch out for her like a brother. Unfortunately, Devon does not know how to deal with his feelings for Andi so he resorts to playground tactics and bullies Andi to keep her at arm's length, but when Andi tries to date, he intimidates all potential candidates.
When Devon dictates that Andi accompany him on a business trip to NYC in order to convince the CEO of Sutherland Airlines, Max Sutherland, to partner with his company, Andi is thrilled to be able to see NYC, but disappointed that she will miss her beloved father's birthday. But Devon's behavior becomes downright unreasonable once they are in the states because the CEO's son, Aaron, is showing interest in Andi and after Devon's ice cold shoulder, she entertains Aaron's interest. Unfortunately, Devon does not want anyone to have his Andi, but the demons that have encompassed Devon's heart, mind, and soul interfere with their happiness before it really even gets started. Will Andi be able to handle Devon's demons or will she eventually uncover something that is unforgivable?
** I voluntarily read an advanced review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review **



Devon Jackson is a smug, arrogant prick. He’s also CEO at Worldwide Airways, and I’m the lucky one who lands a job as his PA—a job I soon learn to regret taking.

I do absolutely everything for him, from organising his appointments to picking up condoms for him every Friday afternoon.

Why do I put up with it?

Because, despite it all, I am obsessed with him and have been since I was fifteen. He treats me like dirt, yet I still come back for more.

To him, I’m untouchable. And not only to him, but every other man on the planet. The fact he’s my brother’s best friend has seen to that. They’re both possessive jerks.

And I put up with it…for a while.

Once I put my foot down, the dynamic changes. And it is at that moment I find out how he really feels.

In fact, I find out so much more than I bargain for. Not only is Devon host to some serious demons, but he also holds a very big, dark secret. A secret that could destroy our relationship before it gets a chance to begin.

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