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REVIEW: Saved by D.D. Prince

Saved by D.D. Prince

Review: Five Stars!

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This book deserves more than a five review in order to express just how much I loved Alessandro. He was beyond alpha, I am still kind of processing what I read..but holy shit was he one of the best antiheroes I have ever read. DD Prince delivered an exceptionally well written story with a plot that keeps you engaged, primary and secondary characters who make you swooon, holy shit hotness, and finishes it all with dark romance you can't help but love.

I adore DD Prince. She gives me the perfect blend of romance and plot I need to love the antihero and root for him all the while a heroine with a backbone and bravery that you cannot help but be in awe!! I read it in one sitting and absolutely have a book hangover.

Our anti hero is the epitome of ruthless and unapologetic.I was livid, annoyed, angry, enamored and down right obsessed with his alphahole behavior. Yes. DD Prince most definitely gave one of 
hell of a H.
It is rare that I feel for a heroine and her courage and Holly definitely had my respect. She didn’t back down. I loved her tenacity and the way she hoped and gave herself so openly Alessandro despite his reluctance and taunts. She is the Hero of this story as the author clearly states and after reading 
it I absolutely feel it.

From secondary characters, plot, writing style, and everything else this book was definitely a hit for me. I need more DD Prince!


I saved her from a fate many would believe was worse than death. But, I’m no hero. Far from it.
I’m saving her for myself, which might be an even worse fate.


He's dark. He’s dangerous. He’s the most attractive man I have ever laid eyes on. Everything about him says villain but I can't help but think that maybe there's a hero deep inside.
He's kept me apart from the others for a long time. No one is allowed to touch me. Few are allowed to even set eyes on me. 
I arrived here just before my sixteenth birthday. But soon, I won’t be a little girl any more. 
How much longer will I be safe? And is safety all that matters?

This is a dark romance. If you like your romance dark, proceed. If you don't, or if you're not sure --- approach with caution.This story is a standalone that is a Dominator series spin-off. Holly and Alessandro's story.You do not need to have read the Dominator books to enjoy this story. (Possible trigger. Dark romance. Sex, Violence, Coarse language. Human Trafficking.)

This story is for the readers who like to spend time in the dark.
With the anti-heroes.
The damaged ones who don’t think they can be redeemed.
This book is for you.
And for them.

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