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RELEASE BLITZ: Drawn to Him (A Romance Collection)


(A Romance Collection)


Drawn to Him website:

There are some men who make you helpless.

You know the kind.  They steal the breath from your lungs and make your heart beat a little faster with a single look.  You can’t stop staring, but the moment they pin those gorgeous eyes on you, you’re done for.The kind that’s too hard to resist.This is a collection of men just like that.
Handsome, confident and all for you.
These are the other authors involved with this collection, M. Never, L.J. Shen, K. Webster, Jade West, Isabella Starling, A. Zavarelli and 

K.L Kreig.

Excerpt from Infatuation by Willow Winters

“You’re very handsome, Mr. Kulls.” I finally give in to a bit of my desire, and pick up the glass of wine, holding on to it for support in this decision.

His grin widens and he leans forward just slightly to say, “Alec, Lila. My name is Alec to you.” He pauses for a moment, then flashes me a smirk and adds, “Unless of course you’d like to scream 'Mr. Kulls' in bed?”
My face heats instantly as he rises from his seat to attend to the beeping oven and he's quick to say, “I do believe Alec may be easier.”

The sweet wine touches my lips and the taste is delicious, but I can’t think of anything other than this man on top of me, making me scream as he thrusts inside of me repeatedly.
“I think you’ve maybe thought a little too far ahead, Mr.- Alec,” I’m quick to correct myself. I watch as he works in the oven, turning the chicken breasts and then setting the tongs back down on the counter before coming back to his seat.

“Mmm, that could be,” he says picking up his glass, but not sitting. I cross my ankles and turn in my seat to face him.
“This isn’t very professional,” I tell him with a serious look, or at least the most serious I can manage. He shrugs his shoulders and then takes a sip from his glass.
“Do you want it to be?” he asks and then adds, “That’s fine if you do. I understand the attraction may only be on my end.”

My heart thumps hard in my chest. I don’t think this man knows how to be subtle. He’s honest and to the point. But I admire that.

“It’s definitely not just one-sided,” I admit, and then bite my tongue. I'm thinking I should add that this is dangerous for me. I could lose my job. More than that though, this man could crush me. I’ve never had a one-night stand because I know I don’t really do casual. I’ve been wined and dined and then thrown away before. It hurts too much.
I don’t recover easily, and I prefer to avoid relationships. But it’s been so long since I’ve been touched.

Alec’s deep voice rumbles, “That’s good to know.” I don’t think a man has ever looked at me with the same level of desire. It’s tempting and frightening all the same.
“So, tomorrow?” he asks me, and my brow furrows with confusion.

“Tomorrow?” I repeat.
He smiles at me, and the smell of his cologne, or maybe his natural scent hits me with a powerful force that makes me lean in closer to him.
“Would you like to go out with me tomorrow?” he asks.

His gray eyes swirl with a mixture of desire and something else--a desperate need. I nod my head slowly and say, “I’d love to.”

Drawn To Him (A Romance Collection)


With a line up of authors ranging from Isabella Staling ( a personal favorite) to A. Zavarelli and Shen, I knew it would be pretty darn amazing. Overall these stories were quick sexy reads that has you salivating for more.
1. Date night by Isabella Starling brings you a whole sexy world of smut from Cleo and Flynn's online interactions. The sexy smuttiness doesn't go without a the usual Isabella Starling style.
2. Fifth Avenue Blues by Jade West brings you a smutty and sexy story of a librarian and model who team up and make your wet romance reading dreams come true. LOVED!
3. The Billionaire's Beginning by M Never's second chance perfect angst romance that has you waiting for more.
4. Infatuation by Willow is a surprise read you do not see coming. Her style and plots in addition to that romance is basically life.
5.Doctor Dreamy L. J. Shen gives you a hothole you absolutely love in form of a hot doc who is pediatrician. Need I say more? She is always a hit!
6. Malfeasance by K Webster is just about the most amazeballs read. Older man younger heroine, taboo forbidden romance that gives you everything you want in a romance in short amount of pages.
7.Bad Cop by Ashleigh Zavarelli is a hot cop story that gives you a sassy feisty heroine you can't help but FLOVE!

These ladies are some of my favorite authors and I am looking forward to more releases! This was a perfect mixture!


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